Comics Will Break Your Heart


Images from the 18th century manuscript on alchemy Clavis Artis, attributed to Zoroaster. Biblioteca dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma. (Source)

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Reading Scalped for the first time

Something awful is going to happen to Officer Falls Down, isn’t it? He’s the only person on the Rez who isn’t completely and totally broken, so he’s probably not going to make it. I am on the third volume and already I can tell this one is not going to have anything that looks like a happy ending.



I still haven’t taken my veterinary terminology midterm but I found the most incredible pictures of guy fieri

I sent these pictures to like 5 people and only like one person thought it was remotely amusing #fuckedup

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Don’t look at me. Angrily plotting revenge. ANd by revenge I mean insurance after one final check.